Dell 27 USB-C (P2720DC) Review

The P2720DC in all it’s business analytical glory.

I just started a new job so I wanted a nice monitor, keyboard and mouse so I could trick myself into staying longer at the coalface (Xcode).

It has been a very long time since I bought a monitor (5+ years) and the last time that I did USB-C wasn’t widely available. All of my devices and peripherals are either USB-C or wireless at this point (bar my keyboard) so I typed in “USB-C Monitor” and one of the first results was the Dell P2720DC.

The monitor arrived in 1 day (!!!) from Dell Business and cost the princely sum of £342 (including £57 VAT which can be claimed back leaving the monitor at £285).

The base of the monitor has a plate that slots into the back of the screen with no screws. Very nice. There was a power cable, a Display Port cable, HDMI cable and a big USB-C cable. Very nice.

Ports as far as the eye can see

Once I slotted the screen into the base I powered the device on and plugged the USB-C in the back and then into my shiny new work laptop. I plugged the keyboard into the old USB slot on the side of the device and to my surprise the USB-C cable was charging my laptop, driving the display and passing through the keyboard input to the laptop. All through one cable!

A single cable to power it all. Very cool!

I had no idea USB-C could do this but it makes me very happy. I pull the USB-C cable and put it into my non-work laptop and my keyboard and display just works without having to fiddle with a multitude of dongles or cables.

Keyboard control can pass through the monitor through USB-C

It also works on an iPad Pro! I can use my iPad just the way I would with a laptop, and the keyboard and display work flawlessly! It does output in 4:3 which is frustrating (and I don’t think there is a way to fix that) but it feels futuristic.

All in all I am very happy with this display. It’s cheap, energy efficient, comes with all the cables you need, looks lovely, allows portrait or landscape orientations and has all the ports you would need in the year our lord 2020.

By Adam Fallon

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