1. Release my side project - MindSync

I’ve been working on a side project in my spare time for about 6 months. It is an app to help you remember. I have a poor memory, but I find spaced repetition to really work. The science seems to back it up too. I want to release my app and start generating side income from it. I estimate, off the project plan I have laid out for MindSync that I am about 10% complete until I can start charging for it.

Progress: 40%

2. Lose 3 Stone

During covid lockdowns I put on too much weight. I want to lose that this year, because as time goes on it seems to be more difficult to lose weight. I am 30 this year so it’s about time to focus on this.

Progress: 0%

3. Read 12 classics

I read too much junk. I want to stop doing that because life is very short. I re-read The Tail End this year, and there is a bit about how if, at a rate of 5 books a year, you have to choose the next 300 books you read if you live to the (ambitious!) age of 90.

Almost every classic literature i’ve read so far has stuck with me, and I assume it’s why they are the classics. There is a very good reason humans keep reading and re-reading these tales, they have something intrinsic in them that speaks about the human condition, and is thus worth reading.

I found this list which looks good.

Progress: 8.3%

Books to read

4. Chess

I like chess, it is very fun and it feels like my brain is on fire when I play it. I am not very good so there are a series of goals this year around chess I would like to achieve.

  • Learn chess notation (30 in 30 on Notation Challenge)

Progress: 40%

  • Increase 10m Classic rating by 200 pts

Progress: 0%

  • Increase puzzle rating by 250 pts

Progress: 100% - Jan 5th 2023