MindSync is an online learning platform which aims to give everyone who uses it superhuman memory. Memory improvement techniques have been of interest to me for a long time, and spaced repetition has known beneficial effects on learning (Evidence here, and here, oh and here too). A really good book on this subject is Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything

There are a few tools in the space, but they feel dated and in particular, Anki - while very powerful - feels goofy and painful to use. MindSync by comparison is a modern web and mobile application that will have strong community features like sharing decks built in.

The project is currently in beta.

The overall plan for MindSync is as follows;

  1. Build the best learning platform on the market.
  2. Enable users to build and share decks with others with ease.
  3. Augment the entire experience with AI, including autosuggestions of topics of interest and automatic deck building.

You can find out more about MindSync here

Banking App

Example of using the Composable Architecture from PointFree. Using the Starling API you can log in (using an API access token), see accounts and pick a 7 day window to round up a transaction.

Mostly did this to test out SwiftUI + TCA in a decent sized project.

Banking App on Github